Philosophy of BACHA

BACHA English Medium School provides a unique and enriching alternative to those interested in English medium education. With one of the least expensive monthly fees of any English medium school in Bangladesh, BACHA prevents financial background from being an obstacle to quality education. BACHA acknowledges that students need to grow in many different ways in order to develop into capable, independent, well-rounded, and fulfilled individuals. As such, a strong effort is made to allow students to have the time and space to pursue personal goals and interests outside of the classroom, and receiving private tutorial is prohibited. Additionally, BACHA takes great pride in its efforts to deliver education through an interactive method that seeks to develop in students the ability to articulate their idea, ask creative questions, solve problems, engage one another, create connections between different academic subjects and ideas, internalize information in purposeful ways, act upon curiosities, cultivate personal interests, and critical thinking. Accordingly, the classroom becomes a space for active student involvement and participation where knowledge and understanding is used and applied.