Principal's Message


Dear Friend,
BACHA English Medium School warmly welcomes students who are serious about their studies and who wish to share their experience and talent with others in an academic environment. Education at BACHA is good to equip the student with the skills and ideas both to help others and to enter the fields of civic office and public service in the community.

Therefore the philosophy of education at BACHA emphasizes active and discussion based learning. It also encourages the association of students who integrate what they have learned and use their skills to address their contemporary moral issues. Students must be articulate and be good critical thinkers capable of making decisions with moral and ethical sensitivity. They will be citizens and leaders of a nation that will move into the 22nd century with technological and ecological advances far beyond those of the present day. This warrants a type of academic discipline that enables the students to carve out their future.
We join you in prayers as you make choices for your future.

Sincerely yours,
The Principal