Students Contribution

*Anannya Marilyn Gomes,Class-7s, Id: 1719,Tallent in Art compitition in the CFhristian co-operativeCredit Union Ltd. Programme: Sheikh Mujib- 2019

*Nabid Rahman Turjo-One of our student's tallent in Drawing, Singing and Poetry from Class-4M 2019

*One of our ex-student Shristy now became pilot in 2018

*Enviormental Video made by 2017-18 A.Levelstudents

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1,2,3, get out of my tree,
let the birds be free,
and the dogs names lee,
and the mouse took the key,
and ate the ghee.
The children were reading a,b,c,
at last the man broke the tree.

-Written by-
Peter Costa and Arian Ahmed.